Are you up for the Irish Car Bomb challenge?

evolution diving resort irish car bomb

If you were to look around the Craic House restaurant you would notice a few blackboards attached to these homely walls. Blackboards full of good stuff like our delicious burgers, Irish beers and my personal favourite, the Irish car bomb leader board, sat where it should be… right next to the bar.

For the uninitiated among you, the Irish car bomb is a tongue in cheek reference to a time in Irish history that most would like to forget, and what a way to forget with a shot of Baileys Irish cream “depth-charged” into a half of Murphy’s beer, all knocked back in one fluid movement. To make it interesting we add a touch of competition with the whole event being videoed for prosperity… as well as to referee any accusations of foul play 😉

We’re not here to judge, but your name on this particular list can be a source or pride or shame, top of the heap or as a special mention way down at the bottom, where you’ll be in good company with the likes of Anne “can I sip it” Rutten. Whatever your time, additions to this board are a sure sign that after a great day of a diving you also had a great evening.

irish car bomb the craic house restaurant malapascua

Join us for a car bomb challenge the next time you want to celebrate or just want to see if you can beat the boss, David, who is still inexplicably unbeatable at the top of the leader board after all this time.

See you all soon for a cold one.
The Craic House

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