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The latest local news and events here in Malapascua, as well as international diving community news.

Evolution’s Rangers

How will you react if you lose your mask and suffer a catastrophic gas hemorrhage [...]

Malapascua – Remote provincial island with worldly connections.

People love coming to Malapascua because we are located in a remote part of the [...]

The Last Straw

Did you know a plastic drinking straw can take between 700 and several thousand years [...]

Fully Booked!

Many of you have been along the journey with Evolution since the beginning – in [...]

Masks – Your First Piece of Kit

New divers often ask which piece of equipment they should buy first, and the answer [...]

We’re Nuts about ‘Nudis’ !

If you had to pick one diving creature that the Philippines is famous for, then [...]

Sharks and Rays Galore!

As you all know Malapascua is famous for it’s sightings of Thresher Sharks. However recently [...]

Doc and Michelle Evolving their Diving.

Doc and Michelle O’Callaghan are lucky enough to be living in the Philippines and have [...]

Ensuring You Have a Safe Time

Evolution is proud of our 100{3c584785206271acba0b48c760be4725f0625fa591b4a52f771ab721d5a102df} safety record. We do our best to make sure [...]

Crown Of Thorns Fertiliser Project

The Crown of Thorns has a pretty bad reputation with divers. Usually divers are marine [...]

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