DMT meets KBC

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The provenance of Evolution and our name is all about moving forward, striving to improve and considering ways to do things better.   This is the foundation of our business and percolates in to everything we do, including our comprehensive Divemaster Training Programme.

When you sign up for your ‘DMT’ with Evolution you can expect a really thorough month or 6 weeks of training in a busy Five Star dive centre.  But you can also expect to be involved in other aspects of our life here on the island, such as all important environmental projects and community projects.

Recently we started our Kids’ Book Club with the goal of promoting reading as fun amongst the school kids of the island.  We are asking our guests to bring books from home and donate them to our ever growing library.  Several times a month we read to a class of enthusiastic children in the school and offer some books as giveaways in an effort to show there children books are joyful and not just for ‘boring’ school work.

This week our two DMTs Christina from the US and Allan from Scotland came with us to the school and both delivered a great narration to different packed classrooms.  Each session ended with a competition and a book giveaway.  

kids book club evolution diving resort malapascua

With no fans and 40+ kids in the classroom it was a sultry affair but a lot of fun and a great way for our guests to see a slice of the provincial Philippines up close.

If you want to donate to our Kids Book Club then please do as every single book will find a use.  Thanks to Allan and Christina for taking part and thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

To learn more about our Kid’s Book Club contact us on

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