Evolution ranked #2 in the Green Fins Top Ten!

green fins top ten evolution dive resort

We are very happy to announce that this November Evolution has achieved the lofty position of No. 2 in the Green Fins Top Ten members. Making us one of the most environmentally friendly dive and snorkel operators in the world.

Since Evolution’s inception it has always been part of our mission statement to be environmentally aware and as sustainable as possible, both in and out of the water. On land we’ve taken actions such as not using plastic straws since 2010, using only LED lightbulbs and rechargeable batteries, and generally recycling and reusing whereever possible.

But for most of our guests the place where they can have the most direct impact is when they are diving. Bad diving technique and bad diveshop practices can have a very negative effect on the marine environment, and we’ve always strived to avoid this by educating divers and aiming to use best practices for operation of our facilities and dive boats.

So when Green Fins first came to Malapascua in 2012 to assess all the diveshops, we were more than happy to receive their feedback and try and improve. That first year we did pretty well and were already below(low scores mean low environmental impact) the Filipino average, but we still had room for improvement. Over the years we have made changes to our practices and procedures to try and have minimal impact on the environment, and we have gradually improved each year, and even reached the Top 10 of Green Fins members worldwide a few years ago.

Green Fins is the ONLY environmental assessment in the Philippines (and 8 other countries) with actual on-site human assessors, scoring and metrics tabulated over 5 consecutive years, and we’re very proud that this year we’ve continued to improve and reduce our impact on the environment.

Congratulations to all our staff who work hard to implement these practices and procedures on a daily basis, and thanks to all our guests who have shown their support for the environment by choosing us to dive with. If you want to help reduce your environmental impact whilst diving with us then ask about extra buoyancy training to improve your skills and dive more like a pro!

In addition to that, if you are interested in other ways you can help the environment ask us more about our Thresher Shark monitoring program, divesite cleanup dives, or mooring buoy installations.

For more information on any of this just email us on info@evolution.com.ph

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