Malapascua’s Hammerhead Sharks

Each year around Xmas a buzz starts to grow around Malapascua….

You see we are spoilt with incredible Thresher Shark encounters pretty much 365 days a year. And although we love Thresher Sharks more then anything, for a few months a year its nice to see something a little different. Or indeed something so different it looks like almost nothing else in the ocean – like a Hammerhead Shark or fifty!

malapascua hammerhead shark

While these solitary animals are very hard to find we do see them sporadically between Xmas and May each year. The trip out is all about luck, not something we at Evolution can control. This year we have had about a 50: 50 hit rate and seen many tired divers returning disappointed but happily many more who have returned elated with yet another incredible encounter with Malapascuan marine life.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting 12 enthusiastic photographers on a great few days of underwater photography led by the amiable Victor Tang. They captured the highlights of Malapascua with thousands of crisp and colourful photographs. But one grainy photograph stood out as something a bit special.

Well done to the Wodepigu team for not only having lady luck on their side and diving with 15 Hammerheads but for also capturing this beauty as it swam within camera range. Just!

To come and dive with the Hammerheads contact us here at And remember to pack your lucky rabbit’s foot!

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