The Pelagian / Apeks combination

pelagian rebreather

pelagian rebreather

As avid rebreather divers at Evolution we dive and teach the Pelagian DCCCR(Diver controlled closed circuit rebreather). The Pelagian is our choice for a variety of reasons which you can see here. Rebreathers allow the diver to submerge without any bubbles that might scare away marine life, and have many other benefits like longer dive times, warmer gas, and silent operation.

As Evolution is also an Aqualung partner centre we know that Aqualung and Apeks dive gear is the top choice to keep us safe underwater, and therefore Matt has configured his Pelagian with Apex parts wherever possible. The Apeks Tec3 regulators are the perfect choice to go with the Pelagian, offering fantastic gas supply even at great depth as well as allowing the hoses to be routed very neatly and tidily. The Tec3 regulators are a top of the line regulator designed for double tank setups or rebreathers, and they do the job perfectly. We also use these excellent regs on some of our open circuit rental gear for technical diving.

In addition to the regulators, the rebreather uses a bcd just like open circuit scuba gear. So the obvious choice is the Apeks stainless steel backplate, and the Apeks WTX-D45 wing to complete the setup. The D45 wing is a wing designed for double tanks with 45lbs of lift and mounting holes for soft or steel backplate on top; the wing is made of 1000 denier “armour shield” cordura and hence should be able to withstand quite some abuse from divers of all kinds. The wing is big enough to support exploration level dives, whilst at the same time being streamlined, compact and lightweight.

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apeks bcd

pelagian rebreather


Finally what better way to complete the set up than to add the WTX steel backplate and Deluxe one piece harness. The solid backplate is an example of quality construction, and professional finishing, whilst the deluxe harness adds comfort and security whether you’re wearing a thick wetsuit or just a rash vest. The harness is fully adjustable to any size and comes equipped with all the d-rings you need for carrying bailout or deco tanks.

So when setting up your dive gear, whether it’s for recreational, technical or rebreather diving check out Aqualung and Apeks gear to ensure you get the best quality and value for money; and if you’re looking for the best dive training from Open Water up to Advance Trimix and Rebreather diving – Evolution can provide everything you need.

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