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‘Let’s work together’ – Symbiosis in Malapascua Marine Life

It is amazing how life has adapted all over our planet from the hot, humid [...]

Frog Kick those Bad Scuba Diving Habits

Using your hands All your life you learn to use your hands to swim and [...]

Evolution 2016 Staff Xmas Party Antics – Video

[responsive_vimeo 196360736] Every year Evolution holds a xmas party for it’s staff. It always involves [...]

Evolution’s 7th Annual Kids Xmas Party

As we mentioned in the blog recently, it’s time for the yearly Kids’ Xmas party [...]

Meet the newest members of The Craic House team

Joining an already unrivaled and unique assembly found nowhere else in the Philippines let us [...]

Evolution’s 7th Annual Kids Christmas Party

Evolution opened as a small dive centre in March 2010 and one of our goals [...]

Pack light, Pack right!

Just started diving and thinking about buying some equipment? Or you don’t want to buy [...]

Continuing Exploration of the Cebu Pioneer Ferry 110m down

During October, Evolution hosted Peter Naujoks from Australia, and Matt and he managed to do [...]

Malapascua Movie Premiere of “Bag It”

  Evolution is always supportive of folks who are fighting for the environment, especially the [...]

Thresher Shark Cleaning Video

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Malapascua, watch this and book your trip! Matt and [...]

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