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Cebu Pioneer – Deep Trimix Wreck Diving

As experienced and very active technical divers we are often asked what the reason is [...]


In a very short space of time it seems that the entire planet has gone [...]

August is the best time to come dive with us!

Pack your scuba gear, your book/kindle, your camera and maybe a select choice of clothes [...]

Craic House Cocktails

We all love to sip cocktails in the sun…and what better place to do that [...]

It’s all about the Avo’s

Pictured: Fresh prawn and avocado salad, avocado & honey shake Avocado season has arrived! So [...]

Say No to Plastic Bags in Malapascua

I think most of us have seen the articles on the news, or facebook about [...]

Have you tried Side Mount Diving?

Why stay in a BCD? Why not try something different? If you are tired of [...]

Craic House Culinary Specials

We have been getting creative in the Craic House kitchen and have lots of delicious [...]

Evolution’s 2016 Certificate of Excellence!

Thanks once again to all our amazing guests for giving us excellent reviews and ensuring [...]

Blue Whale on Course Towards Malapascua!

A rare sighting of a blue whale has been seen off the coast Dumaguete and [...]

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