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‘Let’s work together’ – Symbiosis in Malapascua Marine Life

It is amazing how life has adapted all over our planet from the hot, humid [...]

Creature Feature: The Spiny Devilfish

As you are no doubt aware, there are many wondrous beings inhabiting the azure tropical [...]

That’s Complete Rubbish!

Here at Evolution, we do frequent underwater clean up dives and often our staff volunteer to [...]

Thresher Shark Cleaning Video

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Malapascua, watch this and book your trip! Matt and [...]

Awesomeness Underwater!

As divers there are so many things to learn about the ocean. First of all, [...]

Blue Whale on Course Towards Malapascua!

A rare sighting of a blue whale has been seen off the coast Dumaguete and [...]

Grumpy Thresher Shark at Monad Shoal

Divers that have visited Malapascua, or are planning a visit here, are likely familiar with [...]

Bobtail Squid – The Invisible Squid

The bobtail squid is a small and cute little creature that can grow up to [...]

Two Minutes on Oceans with Jim Toomey: Green Fins for a Blue Planet

Evolution is proud to be an Eco resort and a Top Ten Member of Green [...]

Come on Philippines, lets dive with sharks and not eat them

We hope that 2016 could be a big year for our Thresher Sharks. The Convention [...]

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