Slow-cooked Sticky Ribs at the Craic House

sticky ribs craic house restaurant evolution diving resort malapascua

Guinness… a name that’s as synonymous with Irish culture as good food, music and picture perfect landscapes…

Here at the Craic House we’re rather fond of a pint of the black stuff, as it’s the perfect sundowner after a long day of diving. We don’t just drink it though, we take our love of Guinness into the kitchen as well with our delicious slow cooked sticky ribs.

Marinaded in Guinness for at least 24 hours before cooking, we slow cook them to perfection in a blend of garlic, soy sauce and just a hint of pepper. The Guinness gives the meat a richer, deeper flavour that’s almost smoky as it falls off the bone. Drizzled with our home made sticky glaze and served with spicy “fire-slaw” and Craic House twice-fried fries… they’re mouth-wateringly good!

Be sure to wrap your mouth around these bad boys next time you visit us!

sticky ribs craic house restaurant malapascua

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