The long road to improvement

The long road to improvement evolution diving resort philippines

Guillaume came to Evolution with a dream – to be a more competent diver. Improved awareness, superior buoyancy skills and problem solving under pressure were all on the menu during his 2 weeks with Evolution tech instructor Dannie.

After a few warm-up dives it was into the good stuff – TDI Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures. Four challenging days in the water and Guillaume emerged a much improved diver and with 2 new certifications under his belt, capable of planning and executing 45m decompression dives with ease. This new skillset was then transposed onto a different configuration with the TDI Sidemount class, and another cert card was added to the trophy room.

The long road to improvement evolution diving resort malapascua

The road was long indeed and after numerous hours in the classroom listening to Dannie’s endless talking, and hours in the water perfecting skills and drills, it all came together. 9 fantastic dives after all the hard work – Monad Shoal gave up some great thresher shark action, and then the boys finished off with a perfectly executed dive on the Japanese WW2 wreck of the Mogami Maru.

Good work Guillaume and we hope to see you back here for some more great diving.

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